You do the real estate agent's job

You do the real estate agent’s job

When you sell a house without a real estate agency, it is up to you to perform all the activities that an agent would do: real estate ads, real estate appraisal, answering the phone or email, visiting your property, etc. It takes a lot of time and availability. These are elements to be taken into consideration before deciding to sell directly between individuals.

New media such as the Internet have greatly facilitated some of these tasks. There are hundreds of free real estate sites and you can use specialized services. It’s much cheaper than real estate agency fees and saves you a lot of hard work selling your home privately. So it is a good compromise between the two solutions, you are no longer alone in selling your house or apartment

If you do not receive a visit : there is a problem between what you offer and the asking price. Either the presentation of your property is not detailed enough, it is not highlighted enough, or the asking price is too high. A good presentation with beautiful photos on your real estate listing is essential. Do a price study on this type of property and re-evaluate the asking price.

dealing of the house

– If you receive visitors but no offers to buy : your house or apartment is not considered attractive enough for the asking price. Or there is a major problem with your property that causes buyers to flee (large jobs, major inconveniences such as proximity to a highway, train line, or airport). Or the price is so high that buyers don’t dare to make too low a proposal and prefer to refrain.

– You only receive very low bids : if you receive several bids much lower than the asking price it is that buyers are not ready to put anything else for the purchase of your property and therefore there are risks of overestimating the price.

Selling a house as a private individual or through a real estate agency?

In conclusion, selling without a real estate agency allows you to set a lower sale price without lowering the net sale price. This provides a significant advantage in finding a buyer and selling quickly.

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