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How to outbid other buyers for a home

Purchasing a home can be challenging, particularly in a seller’s market. You can encounter a multiple-offer scenario where many buyers are vying for the same property. Despite how frustrating this may be, there are tactics you may employ to win and get your offer approved. In this section, we’ll go into more detail on how to outbid other buyers for a home. Read more at

Offer more than the property’s asking price

Going beyond the asking price is non-negotiable in a seller’s market or when there are competing offers.

Avoid making lowball bids, particularly if there is fierce competition from other purchasers prepared to make greater offers to purchase the home.

Work with an Expert Agent

Make sure your agent is in constant contact with the listing agent. “They should know what the ideal offer looks like as well as the level of interest in the home and other factors that are important to the seller, such as the ability to stay in the home for a specific amount of time or the ability to delay closing, etc.

Embrace the escalation clause

An escalation clause makes sense in a seller’s market. According to Khali Gallman, a Coldwell Banker sales associate, “it indicates that you’ll pay a specific amount over the highest offer as long as you have confirmation of that offer.”

For instance, you might make an offer of $400,000 with the caveat that you’ll go up $1,000 above any other offers up to a maximum of $425,000.

Be accommodating with the closing date.

Flexibility is frequently more important to sellers than money. Choose a closing date that is most convenient for the seller. Do it, advised licensed realtor Jim Armstrong in an email to The Balance if the seller requests 60 days and you are willing to be flexible. Because they were accommodating with the closing date, Armstrong’s clients were able to win bids even though they could not spend as much as the opposition.

Get a Mortgage Preapproval

Preapproval is required unless you can make an all-cash offer. Many mortgage lenders provide completely underwritten preapprovals, so look around. This indicates that your money and credit have been examined and confirmed.

Final Words

The preapproval will make you feel more certain. Even if your contract contains a financing clause, the seller will view you as a reliable buyer who will go through with the purchase even if you have a contingency.

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