For some people,  buying a watch is an investment. Simply because high-end timepieces are not cheap. Unlike the other high-end watch brands, Citizen watches will let you purchase a watch that is worthy of its value. One of the most popular watches these days is from the citizen nighthawk UK line. If you are looking to buy one soon, you should know why this is such an excellent investment. Here are the top two choices for the Citizen Nighthawk watches.

Citizen’s Nighthawk Watch is an Excellent Choice

  1. Citizen Nighthawk CA0295-58E

This all-black and almost tactical watch is one of the top picks in the Nighthawk series. If you are a collector, you will be interested in knowing more about this watch. According to Citizen, this watch is built like a rock. With its ion-plated stainless steel body, it can surely stand the test of time. It is not as fancy as the other high-tech watches, but it does have Eco-Drive technology.

So, why buy the Citizen Nighthawk CA0295-58E?

  • This watch has a versatile design that you can pair with any outfit.
  • Its solid construction makes it perfect even for everyday use.
  • When it comes to value, this watch will never disappoint.
  • Added Feature. The eco-drive feature and water resistance make the timepiece a must-have.
  1. Citizen Nighthawk Promaster BX1010-53E

The Citizen’s Promaster series is a classic. And its three decades of existence make it an attractive investment for many watch collectors. This is the top choice for those who like to go on adventures. Whether you are a diver, climber, or even an office worker, you will surely love the Promaster series.

an essential accessory

Why buy the Citizen Nighthawk Promaster?

  • With its classic style, it attracts watch buyers because of its vintage look and feel. It is a hybrid of a specialized watch that can also be for everyday use.
  • Even though it’s not as high-tech as other watches, it does have practical functionalities that you would surely love.
  • The BX1010-53E comes with a 5-year warranty in the United Kingdom.

You know how difficult it is to pick from the Citizen’s Nightwalk line if you are familiar with watches. This line is by far one of the most popular from this brand. And if you are planning to buy from Citizen, you need to know your top choices and why you should invest in these timepieces. If you are ready to take a pick, then check out these top two choices for you.