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Tips for Prowein: PART II

Tips for Prowein: PART II

 A few weeks back we gave you some tips on getting prepared for ProWein. Now that the fair is only two weeks away, we want to help you succeed during the event. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind.

Do Not Sit
Sitting behind your stand is never going to help you get people to come taste and speak with you. Be engaging and open. Do not hide from customers, you never know who is passing by.

Be Enticing
You have spent a considerable investment on your stand so do not waste it. Think about what would draw customers in and make their time with you enjoyable. Do you have video content to display? Showcase the video of Andreas Larsson tasting your wine and have subtitles in German for anyone passing by. Have food, snacks, or offer coffee in the morning. Little things go a long way.

Prepare for Following Up
A high number of possible sales never happen, because they lacked any follow-up after the event. We understand that you are going to be swamped with emails, phone calls and to-do lists. Be prepared ahead of time with your follow up emails and information ready to send.  Do not wait for the customer or assume they will follow up with you.

Tired? Hungover? Hungry?
In this industry, just as much business happens over wine in the night as it does in the conference halls. Perhaps the fatigue and wine got to you a bit… Try this certified Tim Ferris hangover remedy of slightly burned toast with avocado. According to Tim Ferris, the burned toast creates activated carbon, which enables your body to soak up more alcohol and the avocado gives you potassium. Drink lots of water and bring snacks to keep your blood sugar stable.

We hope that you have a very successful fair. It is not too late to get subtitles for your video for your international customers. For more information contact us at Good luck and have fun!



Lamole di Lamole – Vigneto Di Campolungo 2010
Italy – Tuscany – Chianti Classico – Gran Selezione – Red
89 Points
“Classic style, with a good emphasis on fruit, some evolution again, so on the finish I get a certain level of spiciness and complexity; and that combination of sweet fruit, sweet cherry with a balanced freshness and acidity. To me a wine I’d happily drink today, with a good level of drinkability.”

Dauvergne Ranvier – Vin Rare 2013
France – Rhone Valley – Gigondas – Red
89 Points
“It’s a warm and ripe style, elevated alcohol, but it’s marked by this freshness all along. It’s a rather round and opulent wine, with sweet berries, plum, a mild spiciness. Absence of new oak. Attractive and juicy, with a fairly long finish, with lush opulent fruit. A nice result.”

Dopff & Irion – Domaines du Château de Riquewihr – Les Murailles 2010
France – Alsace – Riesling – White
89 Points
“I would say a quite classical style of bone dry Riesling with some evolution. Salivating with a good length, and a quite slim-like body yet with a good flavor intensity. Combining that yellow stone fruit, with that stoniness and minerality. So a wine with a very good drinkability today.”

Gerard Bertrand – Cigalus 2012
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Aude Hauterive - Red
89 Points
“Good degree of freshness, some nice hints of vanilla, some chocolate on the aftertaste, ripe dark cassis. Good length, it keeps lingering on the palate, with a persistent cassis flavour. Very well made, still a bit youthful considering the tannin, but to me it feels like a very nice ripe Cabernet from a warmer climate, in a quite polished and modern style, that should have a long life ahead of it.”

Lynsolence – 2009
France – Bordeaux – Saint Emilion – Grand Cru – Red
93 Points
“Very juicy dark fruit with notes of cassis, some spicy notes; almost some exotic notes of mint. Very powerful and long finish, very good grip. A wine which I think is offering both opulence and elegance, a wine I would be happy to drink today but it’s certainly a wine with a potential for 10 to 15 more years with this deal of density and concentration. Very fine.”

Domaine De Crochet – Cuvée Charles Auguste 2011
Switzerland – La Côte – Grand Cru – Red
90 Points
“Nice and juicy fruit there, with crushed berries, plum. Rather long on the finish. I think this is a wine that has reached a good level of drinkability. There’s really nothing obtrusive or too young in terms of acidity, tannin and oak. Well integrated, with attractive fruit, a layered spiciness, a certain amount of complexity, and a clear long finish. Very nice drinkability.”

Domaine Guy Robin & Fils – Valmur Vieilles Vignes 2008
France – Burgundy – Chablis – Grand Cru – White
92 Points
“Very good bite on the palate, excellent freshness, integrated well with that fruit that has flourished a little bit, now offering a bit more lushness, quite rounded texture with that yellow fruit, those hints of fresh butter, and that beautiful firm acidity giving a lift.”