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TASTED 100% BLIND by Andreas Larsson What does your score actually mean?

TASTED 100% BLIND and Andreas Larsson are working together since November 2011. Six years and more than 14 000 wines tasted under blind conditions. Andreas Larsson shares his method of scoring wines.

“Evaluate a wine is something very subjective and, every palate is different. Perfection is something very personal, that’s why I rarely give a 100 Point score.” And in the end the comment is more important. That´s also the reason I like to follow a wine several times, particularly during its first 2-3 years when it often changes the most and the consumer needs guidance.

14 000 wines, and a lot of excellent wines from all over the world. But what does his score reveal about your wine’s quality?
From 80 to 84 it is a simple wine, without complexity with pure fruit, lighter structure and occasionally some small imperfections.
85 to 88 it is a good to very good wine with some character and occasionally complexity.
89 to 92 it is a very good to outstanding wine generally complex, structured and age worthy with a lot of character and terroir expression.
93 to 96 it is an outstanding to world class wine which possesses complexity, nuance, terroir expression, age worthiness, concentration and length.
97-100 means that´s one of the great wine of the world – unique and personal with all of the above-mentioned qualities in terms of complexity, density, concentration, length and age worthiness but also unique personality, maturity or potential for incredibly long ageing to become something extremely unique.

In TASTED100%BLIND the average note is 87,168. And only 11 wines have reached a 98 points score.
Undoubtedly, there are lots of wines to discover yet and the blind tasting continues to be a complex process. Nevertheless, we truly believe that it remains the best and the most unbiased method to appreciate a wine.

Monday 27
Domaine Bouchard Père & Fils – 2014
France – Burgundy – Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru – White
96 Points

Tuesday 28
Francesco Rinaldi&Figli – Cannubi2011
Italy – Piedmont – Barolo – SerralungaD’Alba – Red
95 Points 

Wednesday 29
SchlossGobelsburg – RiedHeiligenstein 1.ÖTW Reserve 2008
Austria - Kamptal – White
94 Points

Thursday 30
Bodegas Tobia – Oscar Tobia Gran Reserva 2011           
Spain – Rioja – Red
93 Points

Friday 31
Holden Manz – Syrah 2013          
South Africa – Franschhoek – Red
92 Points

Saturday 1
WeinStamm 4 - 2014            
Suisse Alemanique – Schaffhausen – Red
91 Points

Sunday 2
Zantho – Beerenauslese 2015
Austria – Burgenland – White
90 Points