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Spotlight Provence

Few people know that Provence is technically the oldest wine producing region in France; making wines for over 2600 years. The Mediterranean region is known for summer vacations, lavender and of course rosé. Yet, the region is gaining recognition in their red and whites. Below enjoy a roundup of some great Provence wines that Andreas had the pleasure of scoring this year. 


Chateau Sainte Roseline – Cuvée Lampe De Méduse – Cru Classé 2014
France – Côtes de Provence (Rosé)

89 Points
“Beautiful fruits there, ripe citrus, some red berry notes. Quite multilayered actually, more an elegant style of rosé. Excellent freshness on the palate, good bite, I think this is a very fine method of skin contact, it gives just a lift and freshness on the palate but it doesn’t really appear tannic.”

Domaine de Saint Ser – Cuvée Prestige 2014
France – Côtes de Provence (Rosé)
86 Points
“Fresh nose, youthful, quite generous with notes of pear, apple, some hints of grapefruit and lemon zest, and also something round and creamy like fresh butter, in that direction. Palate is dry but it still gives a slight impression of sweetness, so quite generous fruitiness there, with a rather light body.”

Chevalier Torpez – Ultimum 2014
France – Côtes de Provence (Rosé)
84 Points
“Youthful nose displaying quite mixed fruits here, some hints of citrus, grapefruit, and some red berry notes. Classically dry on the palate, with a slight hint of tannin that adds a lift on the palate.”

Château d’Esclan – Rock Angel 2014
France – Côtes de Provence (Rosé)
85 Points
“Pure nose, youthful with some floral hints, some stone fruit, pear, citrus. No noticeable oak. Good grip on the palate, mouthwatering freshness, well-kept acidity here. A rather light style, yet with a good flavour intensity; there’s some of that citrus-infused red fruit on the palate.”

Mirabeau en Provence – Pure 2014
France – Côtes de Provence (Rosé)
89 Points
“I get stone fruity notes here, almost a tropical hint like fresh pineapple, but still with a well-kept acidity; some notes of citrus and grapefruit, and a slight floral element as well. Very good bite on the palate. The first impression is freshness, and I think that this freshness comes partly from a well-preserved acidity”

Le Grand Cros – GC 2014
France – Côtes de Provence (Rosé)
84 Points
“Pure nose, quite discreet, doesn’t show off so much; there’s still a good purity there, with some notes of almond, citrus, a hint of green apple. Bone-dry on the palate, with a good grip, very fine tannins adding freshness.”

Château Grand Boise – 2014
France – Côtes de Provence (White)
86 Points
“Good grip on the palate here. It’s a wine that is classically bone-dry; I would talk about balanced acidity here, it’s not a super-high acidity but it gives a good sensation of freshness. Still youthful, without any indication of oak. We get some of that spicy zesty fruit with some notes of wild herbs, lemon zest.”