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Spanish Red Wines above 92 Points

Spanish Red Wines
above 92 Points

Spain is one of the three biggest wine producing countries with France and Italy. Some of the most famous regions like Rioja, Ribera del Duero or Sherry, make Spain shinning in the entire world.

But during the last years, a lot of little appellations proved that there are very good wines in every part of this Mediterranean territory. Every time with a very special character and some very endemic grape varieties, like the Tempranillo, the Pedro Ximenez or the Tinta de Toro.

A number of 9503 red wines have been tasted in blind conditions since 2011 by Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World. The Spanish red wines represent 849 of them, from the biggest regions as Rioja to the smallest as Alella.

With an average score of 88 points, the Spanish red wines are part of the best scored regions in TASTED 100% Blind.

Now, presents you a new ranking with 91 red wines from Spain with a higher than 92 points score, from 10 different wine producing regions.
As you can check it here, to Andreas Larsson, a wine with a score higher than 92 points is “an outstanding to world class wine which possesses complexity, nuance, terroir expression, age worthiness, concentration and length.”


Monday 18
Jean Leon – Vinya La Scala GranReserva 2007
Spain – Catalunya – Penedès
93 Points

Tuesday 19
Perez Barquero – Amontillado Gran Barquero NV
Spain – Andalucia – Montilla Moriles
92 Points

Wednesday 20
Bodegas y Viñedos Robeal – La Capilla Vendimia Seleccionada 2014
Spain – Castilla y Leon – Ribera Del Duero
92 Points

Thursday 21
Miguel Torres – GransMuralles 2010
Spain – Catalunya – Conca de Barbera
94 Points

Friday 22
Bodega Faustino Gonzales – Fino en Rama Cruz Vieja
Spain – Andalucia – Jerez Superior
93 Points

Saturday 23
Celler Hidalgo Albert – 1270 a Vuit
Spain – Catalunya – Priorat
93 Points

Sunday 24
AgustiTorello Mata – Kripta Gran Anyada – Gran Reserva 2006
Spain – Cava
92 Points


95Points -Bodegas Roda – Cirsion 25° Aniversario2012-Rioja
95Points -Bodegas Roda – Roda I Reserva2007-Rioja
95Points -Bodegas Sobreno – Finca Sobreno Ildefonso2011-Toro
95Points -Clos Mogador2010-Priorat
95Points -Ferrer Bobet – Seleccio Especial2010-Priorat

94Points -Bodega Numanthia – Termanthia2012-Toro
94Points -Bodegas Izadi – Izadi Selección 20112011-Rioja
94Points -Bodegas Izadi – Reserva2011-Rioja
94Points -Campo Eliseo2011-Toro
94Points -Celler De Capçanes – Mas Torto2010-Priorat
94Points -Celler de l’Era – Mim2011-Montsant
94Points -Celler Mas Doix – Costers De VinyesVelles2013-Priorat
94Points -Clos Mogador2013-Priorat
94Points -Clos Mogador2014-Priorat
94Points -Dominio Del Bendito – El Titan Del Bendito2007-Toro
94Points -Ferrer Bobet – Seleccio Especial VinyesVelles2009-Priorat
94Points -Ferrer Bobet – Selecció Especial VinyesVelles2013-Priorat
94Points -Miguel Torres – GransMuralles2011-Conca De Barbera
94Points -Miguel Torres – GransMuralles2010-Conca De Barbera

93Points -Abadia Retuerta – Pago Negralada2010-Vino De La Tierra de Castilla y Leon
93Points -Altos De Rioja – Altos R Pigeage2009-Rioja
93Points -Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro – Arzuaga Reserva Especial2011-Ribera Del Duero
93Points -Bodegas Baigorri – Baigorri De Garage2011-Rioja
93Points -Bodegas Bilbainas – Viña Pomal Vinos Singulares2012-Rioja
93Points -Bodegas Luis Canas – Selección de la FamiliaReserva2010-Rioja
93Points -Bodegas Resalte de Penafiel – Gran Resalte2001-Ribera Del Duero
93Points -Bodegas Roda – Roda I Reserva2009-Rioja
93Points -Bodegas Tobia – Oscar Tobia Gran Reserva2011-Rioja
93Points -Bodegas Tobia – Reserva2011-Rioja
93Points -Bodegas Ysios – Reserva2011-Rioja
93Points -Celler Hidalgo Albert – 1270 a Vuit2009-Priorat
93Points -CellersSantRafel – Solpost2009-Montsant
93Points -Ferrer Bobet – VinyesVelles2014-Priorat
93Points -Gran Clos Del Priorat – Finca El Puig2011-Priorat
93Points -Gran Clos Del Priorat – Gran Clos2010-Priorat
93Points -Jean Leon – Vinya La Scala Gran Reserva2007-Penedes
93Points -Juan Carlos Sancha – Peña El Gato2014-Rioja
93Points -MerumPriorati – Destí2013-Priorat
93Points -Miguel Torres – GransMuralles2009-Conca De Barbera
93Points -Miguel Torres – Mas La Plana Reserva2009-Penedes
93Points -Miguel Torres – Perpetual2010-Priorat
93Points -Muga – Prado Enea2009-Rioja
93Points -Muga – Seleccion Especial2011-Rioja
93Points -Pago De Cirsus – Selección De Familia2011-Navarra
93Points -Perelada – Finca Garbet2009-Emporda

92Points -Avelino Vegas – FuentespinaSeleccion2010-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Bodega Matarromera – Prestigio2013-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Bodegas Baigorri – Baigorri De Garage2008-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas Baigorri – Reserva2008-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas Izadi – Orben2012-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas Lan – A Mano2012-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas Lar de Paula- Merus 42012-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas MartinezLacuesta – Hinia2011-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas Martinez Palacios – Pago Candela2010-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas Montecillo – Seleccion Especial Gran Reserva2001-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas Resalte de Penafiel – Reserva2005-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Bodegas Sobreno – Finca Sobreno Reserva2008-Toro
92Points -Bodegas Y Vinedos Labastida – Reserva2011-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas y Viñedos Ortega Ezquerro – Crianza2013-Rioja
92Points -Bodegas y Viñedos Robeal – La Capilla Vendimia Seleccionada2014-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Bodegas Ysios – Reserva2007-Rioja
92Points -Castillo Perelada – Finca Malaveïna2013-Emporda
92Points -Celler Hidalgo Albert – Fina a Vuit2014-Priorat
92Points -CellerTintoré de Vimbodí i Poblet – Ré2013-Conca de Barbera
92Points -CellerVermunver – GenesiVarietalVinyesVelles de Samso2009-Montsant
92Points -Clos Mogador2011-Priorat
92Points -Dominio Del Bendito – Las Sabias2009-Toro
92Points -Dominio Del Bendito – Las Sabias2013-Toro
92Points -EpicureWines – Bellesa Perfecta2013-Priorat
92Points -Ferrer Bobet – Seleccio Especial2009-Priorat
92Points -Ferrer Bobet – Seleccio Especial VinyesVelles2011-Priorat
92Points -GeniumCeller – Excel.lent2013-Priorat
92Points -GeniumCeller – GeniumEcológic2012-Priorat
92Points -Jean Leon – Vinya La Scala Gran Reserva2001-Penedes
92Points -Legaris – Calmo2011-Ribera del Duero
92Points -Marques De Caceres – Gaudium2011-Rioja
92Points -Marques De Caceres – GranReserva2001-Rioja
92Points -Marqués De Terán – SeleccionEspecial2011-Rioja
92Points -Mas d’En Blei2013-Priorat
92Points -Miguel Torres – Mas La Plana2010-Penedes
92Points -Miguel Torres – Perpetual2014-Priorat
92Points -Muga – SeleccionEspecial2005-Rioja
92Points -Ortega Fournier – O.Fournier2010-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Ortega Fournier – Spiga2006-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Ortega Fournier – Spiga2013-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Ortega Fournier – Tinta Del Pais2007-Ribera Del Duero
92Points -Pago De Vallegarcía – Syrah2007-Vino De La Tierra de Castilla y Leon
92Points -Perelada – Finca Malaveïna2013-Emporda
92Points -RollandGalarreta – R&G Esencia2012-Rioja
92Points -Trossosdel Priorat – Lo Mon2012-Priorat
92Points -Viñedos del Ternero – Reserva2010-Rioja