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Regional Spotlight Colchagua Valley

Regional Spotlight Colchagua Valley

From the beautiful Chilean ocean coast to the base of the Andes and only 90 miles south of Santiago, lies Colchagua Valley. The viticulture area provides for some of the most prestigious wines of Chile. The quality of the wines have been admired around the world, but it is mostly known for great Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenère and Syrah.

The terroir has thousands of microclimates. It benefits from the cooling of the Pacific Ocean and the winds that thermo-regulates the valley temperature. The climate has four well-defined seasons and long warm summer temperatures that allow the grapes to ripen slowly. The snow of the Andes provides water for the vineyards year around.

This traditional huaso (cowboy) country has opened its doors to tourist from around the world. The wineries are built with visitors in mind and provide an unparalleled tasting experience. The region has completely transformed in 25 short years and will continue to grow as the most popular destination in Chile. If you haven’t gotten the pleasure of traveling to Colchagua Valley yet, you can at least settle for a taste of some of the best wines from the region below.

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Chile – Colchagua Valley – Cabernet Sauvignon – Red
89 Points
Rather primary fruit with ripe black currant, plum and dark cherry. Slight hint of leather, slight hint of meat. Quite dense palate. Still appearing rather youthful, with a presence of tannin. Otherwise a good level and a good balance between ripe, dark fruit and acidity.”

Chile – Colchagua Valley – Carmenere – Red
91 Points
Very nice palate. Intense full-bodied, yet rounded. So we have those layers of dark fruit; of cassis and plum, with those mild spices. I like the underlined toastiness there, the roasted coffee notes. It is obviously a ripe wine, with a fairly high degree of ripeness and alcohol, but not in an obtrusive way. I like the freshness and brightness we get on the finish.”

Chile – Colchagua Valley – Red
90 Points
With those inky dark berries. Well underlined by fresh acidity. Fine oak as well. Just gently roasted. Quite long and persistent finish. Well assembled. Good drinkability right now.”

Siegel – Special Reserve 2013
Chili – Colchagua Valley – Carmenere – Red
87 Points
“Good intensity there, mixing red and dark berry fruit with some new oak, vanilla. There is a hint of butterscotch, then quite mild spices like cardamom, white pepper. Then quite sweet a fruity character. Quite attractive on the palate with a medium weight. Rounded texture.”

Chile – Colchagua Valley – Carmenere – Malbec – Petit Verdot – Red
91 Points
Quite full and quite polished as well. So it seems it has a few years to it, opening up. So quite mellow tannin, polished with that dark, floral, violet, cassis, plum fruit. A little bit of oak, in the background, but not overtly so. So a bit more than medium weight. Quite long finish.

Chile – Colchagua Valley – Red
92 Points
Very nice palate here. High density of fruit. Good grip, good concentration. With purple dark fruit. Topped with those spicy, peppery notes. High extract, really polished tannin here. I think it is a wine that is just about to, start to open up. There is complexity, it is really multi-layered.”

Chile – Colchagua Valley – Carmenere – Red
89 Points
Quite full-bodied. However, with a few years to it. It seems to have to soften in terms of texture. There is still a presence of tannins, but it is overshadowed by quite sweet, dried fruit. Those dark berries, with some fresh herbs, some tea leaf. Quite fresh acidity.”