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QR Codes in 2016

QR Codes in 2016

The hangovers have passed and the New Year has begun! A fresh slate and a year of possibilities. 2015 served us well, and in 2016 we look forward to so much more. One of which is our newest QR code offering. You are probably familiar with the black and white square that is on posters, cars, wine bottles and shop windows, but do you know of its possibilities?

Instead of just taking you to a single site, like most QR codes, we can give you a full menu of options to include videos, tasting notes, where to find the wine and more. You would have the option to change the menu to fit your needs and strategy. So there is no need to re-label and reprint. We manage the link for you, changing what the consumer sees as often as you wish. All of our videos include a QR code that link to the given video, but to have all these services, staff at your disposal, collected data, we just charge €50 a month. Contact us today to get more information and get ahead of your marketing in 2016. Below find some of the highest scoring wines from our last tasting.


Salwey – Kirchberg Spätburgunder - 2013
Germany – Baden – Großes Gewächs – Spätburgunder – Red
92 Points

Excellent freshness, well-integrated oak, then there is a ton of sweet red fruit. So good grip, quite full-bodied, for a Pinot Noir I would say. Good weight, also long and persistent.”

Château Troplong Mondot 1999
France – Bordeaux – Saint Emilion – 1er Grand Cru Classe B – Red
93 Points

“So complex and layered, with a very long finish. I think the strength here is really that it starts out here quite powerful with copious amount of fruit, but it truly has a very long finish with nuance and spiciness. So a mature and sophisticated wine to enjoy today.“

Osoyoos Larose 2012
Canada – Colombie-Britannique – Red
89 Points

“Quite dense texture, still appearing a bit youthful there. We have this core of dark fruit, but really ripe and dark, but still with a good degree of acidity. Fine tannin, giving a lift. In terms of tannin, they are still present there. We feel them, but they are quite ripe and will easily integrate in the few coming years.”

Bodega A16 – Apogeo Reserva 2012
Argentina – Mendoza – Malbec – Red
91 Points
With layers of those crushed berries, raspberry, blackberry, fine pepperiness, ginger, clove, quite discreet oak. Really lushes and rewarding. I think it is a fine balance here, between the ripeness and the freshness. Really long and lingering finish.

Montes - Folly 2011
Chile – Apalta Valley – Syrah – Red
93 Points

“Nice palate there. Quite full-bodied, yet with a rounded texture. Juicy dark fruit like, peppery blackberry, with some tobacco notes. Underlined by fine oak and quite grainy tannins. A touch of chocolate, really juicy and attractive.”

Hemera Estate – JDR 2010
Australia – Barossa Valley – Shiraz – Red

92 Points
“Quite intense palate. Mouth-filling and broad with lush, dark fruit, underlined by some finely toasted notes. Pretty spicy with those notes of anise seed and liquorice, backing up that dark juicy plum, dark blackberry. In terms of texture, the tannins are finely integrated.”

Torres – Mas La Plana 2010
Spain – Catalunya – Penedès – Cabernet Sauvignon – Red

92 Points
Quite layered here, with lots of dark fruits, shining through. There is a slightly herb infused cassis, with also some sweeter red fruit. Fine oak. Despite a high ripeness and richness, it is underlined by a fine level of acidity.”