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New Year Bubbles

New Year Bubbles

 There is nothing more festive and more natural than the sound of a cork popping from a bottle during New Year Celebrations. Toasts being made, glasses clinking and the honorary first kiss of the New Year. Why is it that we associate this holiday with sparkling wine? A mixture of marketing, location and tradition.

From its very beginning, Champagne has always been an aspirational beverage of the royals and the wealthy. Then in the 19th century there was the rise of the industrialization, which meant a rise in wealth to a merchant class. On special occasions and celebrations, this class aspired to the drinks that they normally could not afford, to emulate the upper class. Champagne producers caught on and started marketing around the word as the celebratory drink of choice. Now there are numerous elegant sparkling competitors around the world. So as you toast to the year past, make your resolutions for the year to come, fill your flute with one of the bubbles below. Happy New Year to all!



Lanson – Extra Age NV
France – Champagne – Brut – White
90 Points

Nice palate here, quite full-bodied, very good grip; and I think this one nicely combines maturity, quite ripe fruit; this feels like a classic blend, with both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in my mind. Very vibrant acidity here, nice and mouthwatering.”

Le Contesse – Extra Dry NV
Italy – Veneto – Prosecco – White

85 Points
“Quite dry palate, close to dry, there’s a slight hint of residual sugar but it gives a dry impression still, with balanced acidity – a well-kept acidity – with youthful green fruit, more like apple, pear, some notes of citrus. “

Bailly Lapierre – Pinot Noir NV
France – Burgundy – Cremant de Bourgogne – Brut – White
85 Points

“Good bite on the palate, it has a quite nice grip. Quite good structure here, a bit more extract and bite with ripe autumn fruit like ripe pear and plum. Balanced acidity still keeping freshness on the palate.

Alain Mercier & Fils – Cuvée Lucien NV
France – Champagne – Brut – White
90 Points
This is certainly a very ample broad shouldered and assertive style. I really like this one, because all parts are really harmonious and integrated and really offers a very nice expression. Certainly with a capacity to go on for many years, I would be happy to drink today and I do. Cheers!”

Cà ed Balos 2014
Italy – Piedmont – Moscato d’Asti – White
88 Points

“Beautiful nose, very charming, floral, grapey. I don’t want to be too poetic, but it’s like a summer meadow here with all the flowers, the fresh fruits, and that cluster of fresh grapes. I’ll drink this actually!”

Colin – Cuvée Enjôleuse 2007
France – Champagne – Premier Cru – Brut – Blanc De Blancs – White

89 Points
“Nicely persistent flavours there, elegant stone fruit, good level of freshness, integrated mousse, creamy with a good length. Intense and lingering flavours. It has a certain development today, it has a certain complexity.

Sieur D’Arques – Toques Et Clochers 2011
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Cremant de Limoux – Brut – White

85 Points
Pure aftertaste as well. Medium towards long finish, we have quite vibrant fruit flavours staying on the palate. Good, pure and fresh, for a style that will keep for a short time, but it’s probably best drunk in its very youth.”