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LES DOMAINES BARSALOU at Vinexpo with Tasted 100% Blind

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at Vinexpo with Tasted 100% Blind

Vinexpo is one of the largest exhibitions for wine professionals and spirits from around the world. From the 18th to the 21st of June in the fantastic city of Bordeaux. Vinexpo will host 80 lecturers, 2350 exhibitors and about 50,000 visitors. Right in the heart of the fair (Hall 1, CD 339 and DE 339) 240 m2 of passion for blind tasting. With over 100 winegrowers from around the world in our Stand. This year is expected to visit about 50,000 people. A must for winemakers and wine lovers like us.

Les Domaines Barsalou will be protagonists this year with Tasted 100% Blind and Andreas Larsson, the Best Sommelier of the WorldThe Barsalou family, established in the Languedoc since the XVIII century, has a long winemaking tradition. The family has always seeked to develop a close relationship between winemaking and respecting the land, whilst also using a modern approach to product development. This vineyard, established in 1898, spreads into the valley of the Fontfroide stream and grows on fine sandstone soils. This cold soil favours late grape harvests. The vines are grown using sustainable agricultural methods, thus respecting the environment. At the entrance of the domain, a XIX century windmill reminds us that the Tramontane (northwestern wind), blows all year round over the Fontfroide terroir. Acquired by the family in 1974, it is in the Saint-Maurice winery that the white and rosé wines are made.

This are their wines you will find in Vinexpo Tasted 100%Blind:
• Les domaines de Barsalou 2016  - Languedoc – Red
• Les domaines de Barsalou 2016  - Languedoc – White
• Les domaines de Barsalou 2016  - Languedoc – Rosé


Château Aumèdes
On an ancient roman site,  lo Castel Aumèdos, in occitan language, is the oldest property belonging to the family. The Château, built on a rock, seems to be looking over eight successive terraces on which the vineyard is planted. There, a succession of black marl, slate and limestone soils gives the wine a nice complexity. Le Château  houses the aging cellars where the great vintages of the estate are matured over the years .

Prieuré  de  Saint Amans
This pre-romanesque priory of the X century located on a south-facing slope, was acquired by Emilien Raissac, Claire Barsalou’s great-grand-father. Here, the shiraz  vines flourish and are ideal for making fine and harmonious wines. The calcareous sandstone soil forces the vines to sink their roots deeply in order to find a right water balance. Aging through the centuries, the old olive trees planted by our predecessors still shade the borders of the vineyard. The association of olives and wine is an ancient tradition from the roman period and a symbol of our mediterranean culture.

Château Villenouvette
Built on the foundations of an old cistercian farm dating from the XII century, this Bordeaux style manor, constructed in 1870, is the work of architect Cassien-Bernard. The vineyard flourishes on the alluvial terraces of the Orbieu river. During the summer, the heat stored up during the day by the pebbles is released at night, thus prolonging the ripening of grapes. The half-buried winery matures the wine at an optimal temperature.

You are more than welcome to join us and live
the Tasted 100% Blind concept at CD 339, DE 339 Vinexpo stand in Bordeaux.

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