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Kosher Wines

Kosher Wines

Last night was the first night of Hanukkah, and over the course of the next seven days, kosher wine will be drunk throughout the world. What makes a wine kosher? At its core, wine is naturally made of kosher products; grapes, water, sodium, tannin, acid and etc. To be kosher, winemakers have to pay special attention to the yeast added to the wine. Since yeast is a leavening product and forbidden, special yeasts have been created kosher, sourced from the yeast walls.

How is kosher wine made? For a wine to be considered kosher, a Sabbath-observant Jew must supervise and handle the entire winemaking process, from grape to bottle. Kosher products must be used throughout the wine’s production, including fining. Egg whites or bentonite are the most common fining element for kosher wine.

Recently there has been a worldwide increase in demand for kosher wines. Kosher wines are produced all over the world in Israel, France, United States, Italy, Spain, Germany and more. Below you will see some great examples of kosher wine that Andreas has tasted. To find out more about kosher wines visit The Wine Cellar Insider. 


Château Tour Baladoz 2012
France – Bordeaux – Saint Emilion – Kosher – Red

89 Points
“Doubtlessly modern, stylish and polish example. Nicely balanced, even if still appearing a bit young, but really fine potential there. In terms of extraction, it is nicely polished, good length and underlined by good brunt acidity all along. Fine example.”

Cantina Gabriele – Dolcemente 2014
Italy – Lazio – Kosher – Cabernet Sauvignon – Cesanese – Semi Sweet Red

86 Points
“I think that it has a good purity of fruit. Well-balanced with those dark, fruity, cherry, black currant notes and a soft rounded tannins and quite a long finish.”

Yarden – Heights Wine 2012
Israel – Galilee – Kosher – Gewürztraminer - Sweet
91 Points

Beautiful texture on the palate. The wine is marked by a fairly high sweetness, but I think this is balanced by that slight spiciness in the background. Quite mild and rounded acidity as well, but a lushes texture, plenty of that sweet yellow fruit.

Elvi Wines – Herenza Reserva 2009
Spain – Rioja – Kosher – Tempranillo – Red

88 Points
Soft and subtle on the palate here, we talk about mid-weight but with good flavour intensity. Soft red fruit backed up by a certain spiciness there; with anise seed, some dill, red fruit.”

Teperberg – Essence 2012
Israel – Ellah Valley – Kosher – Merlot – Red
85 Points
“Rounded and juicy fruit, pretty attractive, with that mild spiciness; some notes of ginger, and clove on the finish. Medium weight, still youthful without complexity. Could be aged for a few years, but I think it is quite ready to drink today.”

Cognac Lautrec – 1er Cru VSOP
France – Cognac – Grande Champagne – Kosher
85 Points
“Does a good job on the palate, still with that youthful bite, you feel the alcohol there, but in the end I think you still get the sensation of that fruitiness, with those spicy notes, some candid fruit there, slight hint of honey.”

Karmei Yosef Winery – Bravdo – Landmark 2B 2012
Israel – Samson – Kosher – Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot – Red
84 Points
Medium weight on the palate, once again this ripeness is quite evident, a quite sweet fruity expression with soft fruit like sweet red plum and red berry notes, with some mild spices like clove, ginger.”