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Focus on the 25 best red wines of 2017

Focus on the 25 best
red wines of 2017


Last week, we were presenting 25 wines, the best from 2017. Every day you can find one of those wines on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram but today we want to focus on the best red wines from this year. Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, all of those countries are very famous and one more time, they prove the high quality we can find all over the word.

If Toro, represented by Bodega Numanthia - Termanthia 2012, is very famous, the Spanish region of Conca de Barbera is a bit more modest but really well represented by Grans Muralles 2010 from the very famous producer Miguel Torres with 94 points for both of them. Finca Sobreño – Ildefonso 2011, also from Toro, reach the top score in Spain with 95 points.

The top scores reached by French wineries with 96 points, confirm that 2015 is a very beautiful vintage in France, in Bordeaux Saint Emilion, with Clos Fourtet - 2015 for example, like in Rhône with Delas Frères – La Landonne 2015 and Yann Chave - Hermitage 2015.

If you are found of South European wines, you should hurry to discover those three treasures that are Wine&Soul – Pintas 2014 in Douro and Cupano – Riserva 2009 and Parusso – Bussia 2012 from Brunello di Montalcino and Barolo.

Let’s check our social networks every days to discover more of them from South America and do not forget that for Andreas Larsson all of these wines are “world class wine which possesse complexity, nuance, terroir expression, age worthiness, concentration and length”. La crême de la crême!

Clos-Fourtet Parusso yann-chave