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Christmas Dinner Digestives

Christmas Dinner Digestives

For many this week consists of large gatherings with friends and family to celebrate Christmas. Which means, of course, big meals. Plates upon plates of oysters, foi gras, roasted vegetables, fish, meat, potatoes, cheese – and that is all just before dessert. So to slow down the meal, and to end on a festive sweet note, it is traditional to pour a little digestive or digestif.

The tradition can be traced to the middle ages when it was common for the men to have a drink with bitters and herbs at the end of the meal. The custom has remained, as has the belief that it helps the digestion. Doctors and scientist may argue with this, but it is hard to deny it is a sweet finish.

There is a wide range of after-dinner digestives, from cognac, brandy, to sherrys and eaux de vie. Below you find a few specialties that can hopefully help you digest your holiday meal. Happy Holidays to all. We hope you fill your table with loved ones and wine!

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Martinez – Riserva Dolce 5 Years Old
Italy – Sicily – Liquore – Marsala Superiore
90 Points

I like the palate a lot, it has a very nutty character, with notes of walnut, spices. Nicely rounded, with a very generous, long and viscous finish, with a nice level of sweetness; good complexity and drinkability.”

Domaine d’Ognoas 1976
France – Armagnac – Bas Armagnac – Bas Armagnac Landais

93 Points
“I would say once again the alcohol is finely integrated here, it rather adds a certain amount of freshness to this one. Plenty of nutty, spicy and smoky flavours. Really, really long finish.”

Gonzales Byass – Tio Pepe – Extra Dry NV
Spain – Manzanilla – Xérès Sherry – Kosher – Palomino – White
90 Points

“Excellent bite on the palate, classically bone dry here, with an excellent mouth-watering freshness here. Once again those nut flavours of almond and hazelnut are coming back, with some zesty citrus notes.

Cognac Park – Chai n°8 – Single Barrel Private Collection NV
France – Cognac – Borderies

91 Points
Good gripe on the palate, still with that youthful bite, nutty and almondy with the alcohol not really noticeable, there is still a hint of sweetness, but youthful sweetness to it, even though the finish is really dry.”

Marzadro – Grappa Stravecchia Le Diciotto Lune NV
Italy – Trentino – Alto Adige / Sudtirol – Grappa
91 Points

“The oak is coming through, more of a nutty complexity; notes of tobacco, cedar wood, much more vanilla. It is still a dry grappa, but thanks to the age, I get more sensation of sweetness; like chocolate pralines, like vanilla.”

Chateau de Montifaud – Silver Exception XO
France – Cognac – Petite Champagne

90 Points
“Really fine nose here of some wood, some candid fruit, slight hint of honey, tobacco and a fair amount of complexity actually. It is really mouth-feeling in terms of flavour, I would say the alcohol is really balanced.”

Rhum Neisson – 15 Years Old
France – Martinique – Rhum
88 Points

“Good bite on the palate here, it starts out with a quite good attack; it’s high in alcohol, but I think it’s well-kept. On the finish I get more of that sugary with some notes of candied fruit and nuts, with well-integrated oak, and a quite persistent finish.”