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Chile – more and more high level wines with fine-tuned styles

more and more high level wines with fine-tuned styles

“I never tasted this many good wines at once before, the general level is very high and styles are getting more fine-tuned” says Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World about his last blind tasting in Chile.A number of 183 red Chilean wines from very different regions like Colchagua Valley, Maipo Valley, San Antonio Valley, Leyda, Maule and so much more has been blind tasted. We are glad to announce that 85 of them obtained between 90 and 95 points. Click and learn all about these and other wines below!

First of all, inTASTED 100% Blind, we are very proud to see that this blind tasting shows an average score of 89,60 points for the red wines. Which is impressive! Just a few regions in the world have reached this score, and finding high quality in the new producing wine regions is not only interesting, but also very attractive.

Secondly, you should know that for Andreas Larsson more important than the scores are the beauty of the wine regions, their vintages, quality of wines and pleasure of discovering all this.“s much as we like to talk about what’s new, looking through the wines and the top scores, we shouldn’t forget the fantastically well crafted, structured and layered Bordeaux style blends and Cabernet that forged the reputation of Chilean wine and still deliver some magnificent world class wines in terms of quality without mentioning quality/price”, believes Andreas.





Wines of the Day:

Monday 23
Montes Alpha – M 2012
Chile – Colchagua Valley
95 Points

Tuesday 24
Undurraga – T.H. 2015
Chile – Leyda Valley
93 Points

Wednesday 25
Terraustral – P.K.N.T. Gold – Grand Reserve 2015
Chile – Maule Valley
91 Points

Thursday 26
Manos Andinas – Reserva 2016
Chile – Casablanca Valley
90 Points

Friday 27
Calcu – CalcuFuta 2010
Chile – Colchagua Valley
94 Points

Saturday 28
La Ronciere – Licanten Cabernet Franc 2016
Chile – Curico Valley
87 Points

Sunday 29
Maquis – Gran Reserva 2014
Chile – Colchagua Valley
92 Points


95Points -Lapostolle – Clos Apalta 2013-Colchagua
95Points -Montes – Alpha M Super Premium 2012-Colchagua

94Points -Luis Felipe Edwards – Doña Bernarda 2013-Colchagua
94Points -Matetic Vineyards – EQ Syrah 2013-San Antonio
94 Points – Miguel Torres Chile – Manso de Velasco 2013-Curico
94Points -Calcu – Calcu Futa Icono 2010-Colchagua

93Points -Garces Silva – Family Vineyards Amayna Syrah 2015-Leyda
93Points -Undurraga – TH Leyda Pinot Noir 2015-Leyda
93Points -Luis Felipe Edwards – LFE900 Single Vineyard 2014-Colchagua
93Points -Valle Secreto – Cabernet Franc Private 2014-Cachapoal
93Points -Casa Silva – Quinta Generacion Red Blend 2013-Colchagua
93Points -Aresti Chile Wine – FamilyCollectionAssemblage 2012-Curico
93Points -VIK – Milla Cala Premium 2012-Cachapoal
93Points -Cousino Macul – Lota 2010-Maipo

92Points -Casa Silva – Gran Terroir de Los Andes Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2016-Colchagua
92Points -Veramonte – Ritual PinotNoir 2016-Casablanca
92Points -Montes – AlphaCarmenere 2015-Colchagua
92Points -Perez Cruz – LimitedEdition Cabernet Sauvignon 2015-Maipo
92Points -Quintay – Winemaker’sExperienceBlend 2015-Maipo
92Points -Siegel – Single Vineyard Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 2015-Colchagua
92Points -Terramater – Altum 2015-Curico
92Points -Hacienda Araucano – Clos de Lolol 2014-Colchagua
92Points -Lapostolle – Le PetitClos de ClosApalta 2014-Colchagua
92Points -Maquis – Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014-Colchagua
92Points -MateticVineyards -Corralillo Winemaker’sBlend 2014-San Antonio
92Points -Miguel Torres Chile – Cordillera CarignanVigno 2014-Maule
92Points -Morandé – Viña Vistamar Corte de Campo Andes 2014-Cachapoal
92Points -Undurraga – Trama 2014-Leyda
92Points -Lapostolle – Red Blend 2013-Rapel
92Points -Morandé – MorandéAdventure Mediterráneo 2013-Maule
92Points -Morandé – Viña VistamarMancura Leyenda 2013-Casablanca
92Points -Ventisquero – Enclave 2013-Maipo
92Points -Casas Patronales – Ñeque Premium Carignan 2012-Maule
92Points -Cono Sur – Silencio 2012-Maipo
92Points -Casa Silva – Micro Terroir de Los Lingues 2011-Colchagua

91Points -Ventisquero – Grey GCM Premium 2016-Colchagua
91Points -Apaltagua – Envero2015-Colchagua
91Points -Piernas Largas- Syrah2015-Casablanca
91Points -Requingua – Toro de Piedra Cabernet Sauvignon2015-Colchagua
91Points -Terramater – Magna Limited Cabernet Sauvignon2015-Maipo
91Points -Terraustral – PKNT Gold2015-Maule
91Points -Cono Sur – Ocio2014-Casablanca
91Points -Ravanal – LimitedSelection2014-Colchagua
91Points -Terranoble – Gran Reserva Carmenere2014-Maule
91Points -Valdivieso – Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc2014-Curico
91Points -Casas Patronales – Mixtura2013-Maule
91Points -Cousino Macul – FinisTerrae2013-Maipo
91Points -Morandé – Viña VistamarMancura Guardián Reserva2013-Maule
91Points -Undurraga – TH2013-Maipo
91Points -Valdivieso – Caballo Loco Grand Cru Limari2013-Limari
91Points -Ventisquero – Yali Plus Super Premium2013-Colchagua
90Points -Bouchon FamilyWines – Las Mercedes Sigular Pais2016-Maule
90Points -Los Boldos – Château Los Boldos Tradition Réserve2016-Cachapoal
90Points -Trasiego Wines – Manos Andinas2016-Casablanca
90Points -Apaltagua – Colección Carignan2015-Maule
90Points -Bisquertt – Ecos de Rulo Cabernet Sauvignon2015-Colchagua
90Points -Dalbosco – Syrah Carmenere2015-Limari
90Points -El Principal – Calicanto2015-Maipo
90Points -Emiliana – Novas Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon2015-Maipo
90Points -Hacienda El Condor – Paya de Millaman2015-Curico
90Points -Morandé – PinotNoir2015-Casablanca
90Points -Piernas Largas – Cabernet FrancLimited2015-Casablanca
90Points -Quintay – Tapihue Icono2015-Maipo
90Points -Requingua – Toro de Piedra Carmenere2015-Maule
90Points -Santa Carolina – Reserva de Familia Cabernet Sauvignon2015-Maipo
90Points -Terraustral – Car Men Air2015-Maule
90Points -Valle Secreto – Carmenere First Edition2015-Cachapoal
90Points -Veramonte – Primus The Blend Premium2015-Colchagua
90Points -El Principal – Memorias2014-Maipo
90Points -Hacienda Araucano – Gran Araucano Cabernet Sauvignon Premium2014-Colchagua
90Points -La Causa – Blend2014-Itata
90Points -Loma Larga – Cabernet Franc Gran Reserva Premium2014-Casablanca
90 Points -Maquis – Gran Reserva Cabernet Franc 2014-Colchagua
90 Points -Santa Ema – Catalina 2014-Maipo
90 Points -Terranoble – Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014-Colchagua
90 Points -Undurraga – FoundersCollection2014-Maipo
90 Points -Valdivieso – Caballo Loco Grand Cru Sagrada Famila 2014-Curico
90 Points -Lapostolle – Borobo 2013-Colchagua
90 Points -Siegel – UniqueSelectionBlend 2013-Colchagua
90 Points -Siegel – Ketran 2013-Colchagua
90 Points -Valdivieso – Caballo Loco Grand CruApalta 2013-Colchagua
90Points -Valdivieso – Caballo Loco Grand Cru Maipo2013-Maipo
90Points -Calcu – Calcu Winemaker’s Selection Premium2012-Colchagua
90Points -Estampa – LaCruz Ultra Premium Carmenere2012-Colchagua
90Points -Valdivieso – Eclat Vigno2010-Maule

89Points -Bisquertt – La Joya Syrah2016-Colchagua
89Points -Casa Silva – Gran Terroir de Los Andes Carmenere Gran Reserva2016-Colchagua
89Points -Cono Sur – Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Super Premium2016-San Antonio
89Points -Dalbosco – Ensamblaje2016-Limari
89Points -Las Niñas – Orgánico Syrah2016-Colchagua
89Points -MontGras – Quatro2016-Colchagua
89Points -Trasiego Wines – Manos Del Sur2016-Casablanca
89Points -Viña el Rosal William Cole – Carmenere Columbine Special Reserve2016-Colchagua
89Points -Dalbosco – Reserva Carmenere2015-Limari
89Points -Las Niñas – Orgánico Premium2015-Colchagua
89Points -Las Niñas – Orgánico Gran Reserva2015-Colchagua
89Points -Los Boldos – Château Los Boldos Grande Réserve Cabernet Sauvignon2015-Cachapoal
89Points -Ventisquero – Grey Carmenere2015-Maipo
89 Points -Emiliana – Coyam2014-Colchagua
89 Points -MateticVineyards- EQ Pinot Noir 2014-Casablanca
89Points -Morandé – Cabernet Sauvignon2014-Maipo
89Points -Perez Cruz – Chaski2014-Maipo
89Points -Perez Cruz – Pircas Single Collection2014-Maipo
89Points -Terraustral – Cabernet Sauvignon Denada2014-Maule
89Points -Terraustral – Santa Isle Selected Vineyards2014-Maule
89Points -Undurraga – TH Cauquenes2014-Maule
89Points -Morandé – Adventure Vigno2013-Maule
89Points -Undurraga – TH Maipo Syrah2013-Maipo
89Points -Apaltagua – Grial2012-Colchagua

88Points -Aresti Chile Wine – Trisquel Series ParrasFundadoras2016-Curico
88Points -Bisquertt – La Joya Cabernet Sauvignon2016-Colchagua
88Points -Bouchon FamilyWines – J.Bouchon Canto Sur2016-Maule
88Points -Morandé – AdventureAterciopelado2016-Maule
88Points -Santa Carolina – ReservaCarmenere2016-Cachapoal
88 Points -Aresti Chile Wine – TrisquelSeriesAltitud 1.245 2015-Curico
88 Points -Bouchon FamilyWines – Vigno by Bouchon 2015-Maule
88 Points -Emiliana – Signos de Origen2015-Maipo
88Points -Estampa – Gold Ultra Premium Carmenere2015-Colchagua
88Points -La Causa – País2015-Itata
88 Points -MontGras – AntuCarmenere 2015-Cachapoal
88 Points -Requingua – Potro de Piedra Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc 2015-Maule
88 Points -Siegel – Single Vineyard Premium Carmenere 2015-Colchagua
88Points -Terramater – Magna Limited Reserve Carmenere2015-Curico
88Points -Ventisquero – Grey Cabernet Sauvignon2015-Maipo
88Points -Veramonte – Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva2015-Colchagua
88Points -Alpa – Domaine de MansonTricahue2014-Choapa
88 Points -Garces Silva – FamilyVineyardsAmayna Pinot Noir 2014-Leyda
88 Points -Hacienda El Condor – Millaman Limited Reserve2014-Curico
88Points -Requingua – Toro de Piedra Petit Verdot Cabernet Sauvignon2014-Maule
88Points -Terranoble – CA 1 Andes Premium2014-Colchagua
88Points -Apaltagua – Signature2013-Maipo
88Points -Aromo – Winemaker’sSelection Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah2013-Maule
88Points -Santa Ema – Rivalta2013-Maipo
88 Points -Casas Patronales – ReservaPrivada2012-Maule

87 Points -La Ronciere – Licanten Malbec 2016-Curico
87 Points -La Ronciere – Licanten Cabernet Franc 2016-Curico
87Points -La Ronciere – Licanten Cabernet Sauvignon2016-Curico
87Points -Las Niñas – Orgánico Syrah Carmenere2016-Colchagua
87Points -Bisquertt – Ecos de Rulo Carmenere2015-Colchagua
87Points -Bouchon FamilyWines – Las Mercedes Remix2015-Maule
87Points -Las Mercedes – 100 Cuadras Merlot2015-Maipo
87Points -Los Boldos – Château Los Boldos Vieilles Vignes2015-Cachapoal
87Points -Los Boldos – Château Los Boldos Grande Réserve Carmenere2015-Cachapoal
87Points -Morandé – AdventureCreole2015-Maule
87Points -Santa Ema – Amplus Premium2015-Maule
87 Points -Terranoble – GranReserva Pinot Noir 2015-Casablanca
87 Points -Ventisquero – Heru2015-Casablanca
87 Points -Bisquertt – Q Clay 2014-Colchagua
87Points -CousinoMacul – Antiguas2014-Maipo
87Points -Morandé – Carmenere2014-Maipo
87Points -Aromo – Barrel Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere Petit Verdot2013-Maule
87Points -Viu Manent – Viu 12013-Colchagua
87Points -Casas Patronales – Ñeque Cabernet Sauvignon2012-Maule
87Points -Luis Felipe Edwards – LFE100 Cien Carignan2012-Maule

86Points -Estampa – Paredones Ultra Premium Pinot Noir2016-Colchagua
86Points -La Ronciere – Licanten Merlot2016-Curico
86Points -Ravanal – GranReservaCarmenere2016-Colchagua
86Points -CuraumaWines – Pinot Noir2015-Casablanca
86Points -Ventisquero – Reserva Pais Moscatel2015-Maule
86Points -Futaleufu – Limitada San Roberto de Almahue2014-Rapel
86 Points -Luis Felipe Edwards – LFE900 Malbec2014-Colchagua

85 Points -Aromo – Winemaker’sSelectionMarselanCarmenere2014-Maule

84 Points -Las Mercedes – 100 Cuadras Cabernet Sauvignon 2015-Maipo