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Champagne Yves Couvreur at Vinexpo with Tasted 100% Blind

Champagne Yves Couvreur
at Vinexpo with Tasted 100% Blind

Vinexpo is one of the largest exhibitions for wine professionals and spirits from around the world. From the 18th to the 21st of June in the fantastic city of Bordeaux. Vinexpo will host 80 lecturers, 2350 exhibitors and about 50,000 visitors. Right in the heart of the fair (Hall 1, CD 339 and DE 339) 240 m2 of passion for blind tasting. With over 100 winegrowers from around the world in our Stand. A must for winemakers and wine lovers like us.

Champagne Yves Couvreur will be protagonists this year with TASTED 100% Blind and Andreas Larsson, the Best Sommelier of the World. Their roots in Rilly-La-Montagne, an idyllic small village with its vineyards located in the mountains of Reims, are especially deep.

The oldest trace their family take place in the year 1644. Since then, numerous generations of winemakers shared the secret of producing Champagne, like the father owner François Couvreur and him Yves Couvreur, managing director of our house since 1984. With his diploma in ecology and viniculture his skills were greatly enriched by the knowledge of his father: a very profound knowledge of the region of their area of cultivation and their potential.

Because of the transmitting of this traditional knowledge, they prefer a rich harvest maturity, which you can discover with all its versatility in their cuvées.

This are their wines you will find in Vinexpo TASTED 100% Blind:
• Brut Tradition (majoritaire 2011) – France – Champagne – Sparkling – White
• Brut Selection (majoritaire 2013) – France – Champagne – Sparkling – White
• Brut Rubis (majoritaire 2012) – France – Champagne – Sparkling – Rose
• François Héritage (majoritaire 2009) – France – Champagne – Sparkling – White

You are more than welcome to join us and live
the TASTED 100% Blind concept at CD 339, DE 339 Vinexpo stand in Bordeaux.
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