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Bloody good stuff

A 97 wine score set a new record during our last blind tasting. An elegant Riesling wine from The Middle Rhine Valley in Germany, which Andreas declared “bloody good stuff.” We had a wealth of great wines from Argentine, Bordeaux, Spain, Chili and more. It is exciting to see such high quality wines gaining recognition through these tastings. Check out some of the high scoring wines in this week’s feature below.


Have you used your wine video to its full advantage?
As the busiest season of wine sales is upon us, you will want to utilize all your tools to help your wine stand out from the crowd. Be sure you have checked off the following to use your TASTED 100% BLIND video to its fullest potential.

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• Add to your press kit – especially online

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• Feature on a screen in tasting room, during trade fairs, large tastings salons

• Insert a QR code on your bottle to help consumers access the video

• If you ever need help on how to do the above, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.




Weingut Lanius Knab – Engehöller Bernstein – 2010
Germany Mittelrhein – Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese – White
97 Points
I just adore this delicious yellow fruit. We got everything in there; mango, peach, pineapple, plenty of it, and yet we have a presence of stony minnerality, slate. A tremendously long anxious finish. Bloody good stuff.”

Bodega Norton – Privada 2012
Argentina – Mendoza – Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon – Red
94 Points
“Plenty of juicy and succulent dark fruit in this one. Long finish with a fine spiciness, a wine that will certainly gain more complexity from further cellaring, but it is drinking pretty well already right now.”

Clément – Rhum Vieux Agricole – Vielli en fûts de Chêne – 10 Years Old
France – Martinique – Spirit
94 Points
“As the alcohol is well developed into a lot of dried fruit, candy, fine caramel, cedar wood. Really long and nutty aftertaste. Certainly a rum I would prefer to drink as a digestive, not in a drink and with a good cigar.”


Château Quattre – Les Carrals – 2009
France – Bordeaux – Cahors – Malbec – Red
93 Points
“I still get those lovely nuances of inky, dark fruit all of those crushed dark berries. There is a fine herbal spiciness in the background, like sage, mint. Once again no evident oak. There is a good level of acidity as well so it appears quite massive, but I think it actually has a good drinkability.”

Château Cantelauze – 2012
France – Bordeaux – Pomerol – Red
92 Points
“Finely grained tannins, with some notes of coco bean, chocolate. Lushes dark fruit. Good level of freshness and acidity as well. I think this is managing to combine a certain opulence with a certain elegance.”

Bodega Campo Viejo – Gran Reserva – 2009
Spain – Rioja – Red
90 Points
“I think of plum, stewed berry, some anise seed, liquorice, so some complexity. Quite nice mouthfeel here. It is a classically dry style. More on the full bodied side, I would say.”

Mayu – Reserva – 2013
Chile – Elqui Valley D.O. – Valle De Elqui – Malbec- Red
90 Points
“A lot of lemon and lime zest, some tropical fruit notes, but in combination of those stony and mineral notes. The palate is really bone-dry. Crisp, with a refreshing mouth-watering acidity.”