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Best Wines Of The World Sparkling Wines

Best Wines Of The World Sparkling Wines

The world of sparkling wines is vast and varied, extending far beyond the borders of Champagne, France. Today, just about every winegrowing country is producing fine, high quality sparklers. So don’t limit yourself in a world of options and feel free to check out some of these great Champagne alternatives! What are your options? You could start with a Cava and his zesty bubbles. It undergoes at least a 9 month aging process on the lees, giving it the nutty biscuit-y flavors we know and love. Another one would be a Crémant. It refers to all French sparkling wine made in the “Methode Traditionelle” in any region outside of Champagne. The grape varietals differ on the region in question, for instance typically Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc are used in Loire, where Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are used in Alsace. The result is a wide range of flavors, styles, and aromas. Italia could be a third option with its Prosecco. Made from Glera grapes in Veneto, Italy, Prosecco is a light and aromatic sparkling wine. Produced using the “Tank Method”, Italy’s sparkler is less pressurized, making it a great aperitif wine. You also should try a Sekt, which essentially refers to any sparkling wine made in Germany. Often exhibiting fresh green apple characteristics and an inherent minerality, Sekt is incredibly reminiscent of still Rieslings or Gewürztraminers with the delightful addition of spritzy bubbles. That, is only four examples for Western Europe, so, imagine what you can find all over the world…So, explore and enjoy the end of the year!

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Château de Chaintres – Blanc de Noir NV
France – Loire Valley – Crémant de Loire – Sparkling – White
Quite fine mousse, quite small bubbles. The nose is pure, with a good intensity. Feels quite ripe and unctuous with, I would say, rather mild, rounded acidity. Certainly a wine to drink now, it has gotten some age. Should, I suppose, preferably be drunk in its youth.
85 Points

Col di Luna – Extra Dry 2014
Italy – Veneto – Prosecco – White
Quite tiny bubbles. The nose is pure, showing quite ripe notes of apple, pear. With some floral hints as well. Nicely rounded palate. Still a quite light structure. With a slight hint of sweetness and that fresh green fruit. Well-integrated bubbles. Quite attractive to drink for its youthful and attractive fruit.
85 Points

M&M – Gold Edition – Brut NV
Portugal – Sparkling – White
Fresh and pure nose with some floral hints. Medium-bodied on the palate. Quite distinct acidity, well-kept freshness. Well-integrated mousse. Gives a good creamy sensation on the palate. Quite a persistent finish. Pleasant to drink now and I suppose a wine to drink in its fair youth. 
85 Points

Aguila – Brut NV
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Crémant de Limoux – Sparkling – White
Quite fine mousse. I really like the nose, good purity. In the direction of really fine Chardonnay I would say. Palate is light towards medium bodied. Youthful but with a good zest, good grip. Medium towards long finish. Good drinkability today. Good purity of fruit and plenty of pleasure.
87 Points

Malat – Brut Reserve – 2012
Austria – Österreich – Sparkling – White
Rather youthful bubbles. Intense mousse. Fresh nose. Quite aromatic, with young, barely ripe stone fruit. Some floral notes as well. Rather pleasant today. Should keep and develop for a few years, but taste pretty well already. 
86 Points

Domaine Glinavos – Paleokerisio NV
Greece – Epirus PGI Ioannina – Sparkling- White
The colour is towards orange-brown. It has some bubbles, so quite far from the usual colours you find. The nose is very intense. I would say again, a lot of personality here. Not the classic style. I would not say as sweet as a dessert wine, but still leaves a quite sugar impression on the finish. Pleasurable and a lot of personality. 
85 Points

Doña Paula – Sauvage Blanc – NV
Argentina – Sparkling – White
Really youthful, primary fruit. Palate has a light body. Just a gentle creaminess. A straight forward style of sparkling wine that should be drunk as young as possible quite chilled, in my mind.
83 Points