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Best Wines of the World Crémant

Best Wines of the World Crémant

Perhaps France is most well-known for its production of Champagne. But there are many other regions in France that are producing comparable sparkling wines called, Crémant. By definition, Crémant is a sparkling wine made by the “Méthode Traditionnelle” in areas falling outside the boundaries of the Champagne region. Some of the main Crémant producing regions include Alsace, Burgundy, Die, Jura, Limoux, and the Loire Valley. The production steps from harvest to bottle are virtually the same between Champagne and Crémant, yet depending on the region, the flavors of the wines differ. With Crémant you can expect vibrant floral aromas and a fruit forward palate with hints of pear and apple. It makes an outstanding aperitif and is favored day to day due to its reasonable price tag. Cheers!

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Bestheim – Grand Prestige 2013 – Rosé
France – Alsace – Crémant d’Alsace – Brut
Still quite youthful, but I think really well-rounded with generous red berry fruit and medium towards long finish.
85 Points

Saint Hilaire – 2014 – Rosé
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Crémant De Limoux – Brut
Quite generous already even if it is appearing quite youthful. Palate is fairly light structured, but it is quite rewarding in terms of fruit. Generous fruit. Really attractive for early drinking.
86 Points

Château de Chaintres – Blanc de Noir NV
France – Loire Valley – Crémant de Loire
Feels quite ripe and unctuous with, I would say, rather mild, rounded acidity. Again those yellow fruity notes are showing up with a hint of butter. Should, I suppose, preferably be drunk in its youth.
85 Points

Aguila - Brut NV
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Crémant de Limoux
Good drinkability today. Good purity of fruit and plenty of pleasure.
87 Points

Antech – Héritage 1860 – 2013
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Crémant De Limoux – Brut
Still appearing youthful, but could really be enjoyed for it freshness with youthful fruit such as green apple, pear and some zesty notes on the finish.
84 Points

Sieur d’Arques – Première Bulle 2014
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Blanquette de Limoux – Brut
Certainly a style which is best drunk for its youthful and pleasurable fruit.
85 Points

Domaines Paul Mas – Prima Perla NV
France – Crémant De Limoux
A wine that should be enjoyed for that vivid freshness and that quite light structure and creamy mousse; so an attractive and well-made sparkling wine.
83 Points