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Best Wine of The World

Best Wine of The World

Andreas Larsson is still looking for the best wine of the world. To reach this goal, and from now to December, he will taste in blind conditions several regions of the wine world. All of them, as different as famous. 

He will start very soon with the wines from the Rioja on September 14th and 15th to elect the Best Wine of Rioja. With its more than 600 producers, the Rioja is maybe the most famous Spanish wine area and obviously, a big challenge for him. So, make your bet! And compare your opinions with the Best Sommelier of the World on our Facebook ( and Twitter (

The next steps will be the French Médoc Cru Bourgeois and their very historic traditions and prestige, the wines from the Rhône appellation, specifically the South Rhône wines with a big diversity of grape variety which gives to them their originality, richness and fineness. 

Maybe one of the most waited tasting session is the Champagne one. Here, the most famous producers will confront their mousse, their purity, their freshness and fruits with very modest wineries. So, that will be a great day with certainly, results that we don’t expect!

During this September month he will also taste the very special Sweet wines. Here, not only the most famous French appellations like, Sauternes, Loire or Alsace will be presented but also very different countries like Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy…Will the Tokaji wines be the most valued? Or maybe a Swiss wine will this year reach the best score? Anything can happened in blind conditions. 

Next October, November and December, new countries, news wines will be tasted. Be attentive, your region will certainly be in this future sessions!


Austria, Neusiedlersee Hügelland , Burgenland , Gelber Muskateller
“Quite deep golden colour here, boarding almost on orange or amber. Very intense nose. It certainly has some evolution. It certainly has some complexity. There is a fine degree of dried spices there, with cinnamon, cardamom, pepper. Above all there is a lot of honeyed fruit. Very tropical with pineapple, apricot, mango, tobacco. Good purity.”

Ogier – Oratorio – 2012
France, Rhone Valley , Côtes Du Rhône- Red
« Medium deep ruby red color, sweet and pure nose of raspberry, mineral and fine spices. Lush palate with good freshness, elegant structure with grainy tannin, fine freshness and long spicy finish, very promising. »

Bodegas Campo Viejo – Gran Reserva – 2009 –
Spain – Rioja – Red
“Red wine with a developed colour here, it’s a medium deep ruby that is starting to fade a little bit. The rim is rather tawny. The nose also indicates some ageing, some development, aging in oak is quite evident. We have some wood and vanilla. Quite traditional style where the fruit is is starting to dry off here a little bit. I think of plum, stewed berry, some anise seed, liquorice, so some complexity. Quite nice mouthfeel here.”

Leclerc Briant – La Croisette – NV
France, Champagne , Brut – White
« Sparkling wine with a quite intense and youthful mousse. The colour is I would say deep straw towards light golden, quite bright, quite brilliant. Nice intense nose here, it’s very much a vinous style. I get more of a sensation of Chardonnay, perhaps with a touch of oak, but we get a lot of leesy notes from aging on the lees, some brioche, some bread, with ripe citrus and yellow fruity notes. »

Chateau Tour Des Termes – 2012
France, Bordeaux , Cru Bourgeois – Red
Quite dense and youthful colour, with a black-purple tinge. Fine nose, with quite elegant wood, some roasted coffee, pure notes of violet, cassis. Very dense and concentrated palate. Good material there, layers of that ripe inky fruit, like blackcurrant, black berry. Really finely grained tannin. There’s a slight hint of butterscotch and vanilla on the palate, but the oak is quite concealed by that wealth of dark fruit.

Patricius Tokaj – 6 Puttonyos Aszú – 2006
Hungary – Tokaj – Furmint – Sweet
“Golden wine, medium deep golden nuance. That’s a beautiful perfume! Really intense, excellent purity here. First of all it’s showing off those mineral, almost stony impressions. Then there’s a great wealth of stone fruit, yellow fruit like apricot, peach, cloud berries, pineapple and honey, so there’s a lot of ripeness, there’s a lot of sweetness, but it feels so tense and mineral and pure at the same time. I absolutely adore this!”

Château La Varière – La Division – 2015
France – Loire Valley – Coteaux De L’Aubance - Sweet
“What I like is, very much the impression on the palate is fresh, because it does have a really nice and mouth-watering acidity. Then same fruit characters on the nose, more like ripe apple, pear. Not that super ripe or tropical fruit. Really good length, good purity.”