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Best Wine of the World Rioja

Best Wine of the World Rioja

Rioja, Spain is a very dynamic wine region. “We can’t really say what a typical Rioja is today,” says Andreas Larsson. “You have neighbors making fundamentally different styles. I like some of the hardcore traditionalist and some of the most modern modernist.” It is indeed a changing region. “From the more modern examples, we have discovered a side of Rioja that we did not know. For example, a hundred percent Tempranillo, from a single vineyard, aged in French rather than American oak and released slightly younger with a fruitier and denser expression. One is not better than the other. They are thriving side by side as great wines.”

The top scoring Rioja from Andreas at this point is Roda I 2007 at 95 points. According to their Managing and Technical Director, Agustín Santolaya a recognition like this is a reason for the consumer to cross the threshold of our gate and a reason to explore. “The world of wine is so wide, so full of nuances and there are so many great wines that we are extremely glad to call the attention of a palate as sophisticated as Andreas Larsson’s.  If on top of that he chooses our Roda I 2007 as his favorite, we feel proud because we have fulfilled our goal of bottling a landscape in a year as complicated as the 2007” says Santolaya.

In the words of Agustín Santolaya; “the 2007 vintage was one of the last years of mildew in Rioja and hurt the harvest severely, yet the ripening was extraordinary, with dry and sunny weather. Late harvest, low yields and amazing quality. It was purely an Atlantic vintage giving freshness, silky tannins, fruit and spices. We knew the wine was great from the beginning, but as it ages it gets better and better. We believe in its longevity and have kept a good stock of the 2007.”

“The 93 point score from Andreas helped us convince some new importers and customers and to call attention to our winery and taste the Altos R Pigeage,” says Paloma San Ildefonso of Altos de Rioja. “For Altos R to get this score from Andreas is very helpful and supportive in telling the world the type of wines we are doing. We feel very proud of this award. The Altos R Pigeage is a wine to be enjoyed. Very complex in aromas, elegant and fresh at the same time. The fruit is well-integrated with the balsamic and spicy notes from the French barrels. On the palate it is long and smooth, showing again an incredible complexity. The bright color reflects how alive this wine is.”

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RODA – RODA I 2007
Spain – Rioja – Reserva – Red
95 points
Very fine and multilayered nose of wild berries, plum and fine spices, excellent integration of oak. Rich and dense palate with finely tuned tannin, very good persistence, purity and power.”

Spain – Rioja Alavesa – Vino de Autor - Red
93 Points
Good bite on the palate, elegant and stylish in a traditional style with ample fruit, fine spices, cigar box and refreshing firm tannin, long and lingering finish with a fine complexity.”

Spain – Rioja Alavesa – Vino de Autor - Red
92 Points 
Pleasant mouth feel, round and creamy texture with powdery tannin, layers of red and dark berries, good length, soft, spicy and enjoyable.”

Spain – Rioja – Reserva - Red
92 Points
“ Finely roasted notes, sweet, wild berries and tobacco, the palate is layered and fresh with sweet fruit, fine spices and a notion of sweetness, finely integrated wood and a long, lingering finish.”

Spain – Rioja - Red
92 Points
“Rich and intense nose with complex notes, sweet plum, spices, smoke, tobacco and some wood. The palate is rich and concentrated with a rounded texture, unctuous fruit, smoky and spicy notes with fine wood, coffee notes and a very long, warm finish, very good.”

Spain – Rioja – Innovacion Medioambiental - Red
92 Points
“The palate is dense and chewy with modern dark fruit, plum, cassis, some roasted flavours and a long, rich finish, still youthful but fine material for ageing. A very good wine.”

Spain – Rioja – Reserva - Red
92 Points
Very fine nose more modern style with ripe dark fruit, tobacco, chocolate, fine oak, leather and a certain spiciness very attractive palate with layers of elegant fruit, finely grained tannin, a good dose of freshness and a very long finish – superbly good.