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Best Wine of The world Cognac

Best Wine of The world Cognac

There is a great variety of wines in the world. But one of the most prestigious and most complex is the Cognac.
Cognac is a type of wine often confused with Armagnac, produced from white grape varieties, mainly Ugni Blanc, which gives wines with a high acidity level and a low level of alcohol.
Since 1909, six areas define the appellations in Charente, France. They are Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Bois Ordinaires.
How is produced Cognac? The wine is distilled following a traditional way named “à repasse“ in a copper alembic.
The eau de vie obtained will spend many years in oak to gain his colour and flavours. Sometimes, it can age during many decades and benefits the work of oak ageing. The transfer between Cognac and oak will give a colour yellow to amber and brown and develop the bouquet of Cognac.
After decades in oak ageing, the Cognac reveals all the flavours from wood and thanks to the ventilation he loses its alcoholic strength but also a volume part. This evaporation is named la “Part des Anges”.

All this work, is a very long process, to allow you to enjoy the subtleties of Cognac. Here we propose a selection of the best Cognac tasted in blind conditions by Andreas Larsson so enjoy and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more results.

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Liqueur pour assemblage du cognac

Cognac Prulho – Selection VS
France – Cognac – Spirit
87 Points
“Light amber colour. The nose is younger with notes of sweet quince, cinnamon, oak, pepper and some roasted wood. Sweet fruit and peppery finish, medium to long.”

Maxime Trijol – Ancestral NV
France – Cognac – Grande Champagne – Premier Cru de Cognac – Spirit
90 Points
Intense nose of fine wood, dry spices, marzipan, almond paste and tobacco. The palate combines spicy and dried fruit. Warm and ripe on the finish, long with a nutty aftertaste.  

Château de Triac – Réserve de la Famille NV
France – Cognac – Spirit
91 Points
Rather on the fruity side with fine wood, spices, dried fruit, tobacco and candied ginger. The palate is mature and flavour intense with a long complex finish.

Braastad – Très Vieille Réserve Supérior XO
France – Cognac – Spirit
91 Points
Complex and mature nose with fine wood, rather sweet fruit like fig, dates and prune sprinkled with clove, dried ginger and vanilla. The palate shows more dryness and bite than the nose, flavour intense and a long, intense finish.

Cognac Prulho XO
France – Cognac – Grande Champagne – Spirit
93 Points
Fine nose quite mature with layers and complexity. The palate is nicely rounded with a sense of sweetness, dried fruit, wood and tobacco with some pastry and chocolate praline on the finish, a fine and elegant style.

Maxime Trijol – Extra
France – Cognac – Grande Champagne – Spirit
93 Points
Sweet aromas of dried fruit, pastry, glazed, nuts, honey and toasted wood emerge. The palate has a very good bite and freshness with fine harmony. Very long finish with a soft texture, balanced alcohol and great persistency, very nice.

Lheraud – 1977
France – Cognac – Fins Bois – Spirit
95 Points
Very fine nose, deep and complex.  The palate is elegant and flavour intense, warm but not alcoholic, nice texture and very long elegant finish.