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Azienda Santa Barbara with Tasted 100% Blind

Azienda Santa Barbara
with Tasted 100% Blind

Vinexpo is one of the largest exhibitions for wine professionals and spirits from around the world. From the 18th to the 21st of June in the fantastic city of Bordeaux. Vinexpo will host 80 lecturers, 2350 exhibitors and about 50,000 visitors. Right in the heart of the fair (Hall 1, CD 339 and DE 339) 240 m2 of passion for blind tasting. With over 100 winegrowers from around the world in our Stand. A must for winemakers and wine lovers like us.
Azienda Santa Barbara will be protagonists this year with Tasted 100% Blind and Andreas Larsson, the Best Sommelier of the World. Their winery is located 25km from the Adriatic Sea and is located on the hills that run between the Misa and Nevola rivers. There a team of professionals works in the winery and vineyards every day, fuelled by passion, determination and a pinch of creativity so that our grapes maintain their beauty and express the quality of their land.

This are their wines you will find in Vinexpo Tasted 100% Blind:
• Le Vaglie 2016 - Italy - Marche – White
• Stefano Antonucci 2015 - Italy - Marche – White
• Tardivo Ma Non Tardo 2013 - Italy - Marche – White
• Il Maschio Da Monte 2015 - Italy – Marche – Red
• Mossone 2014 - Italy - Marche – Red
• Animale Celeste 2016 - Italy - Marche -White
• Stefano Antonucci 2016 - Italy - Marche - Red
• Pathos 2014 - Italy – Marche - Red
• Stefano Antonucci 2015 - Italy - Marche - Red
• Stefano Antonucci 2016 - Italy - Marche - Red

Wine is an aroma, a taste, and an art that has coursed through his veins since childhood. It was a passion that grew day after day and could no longer be relegated to a mere pastime.For Stefano Antonucci his job at the bank started to feel increasingly restrictive; it wasn’t enough to satisfy his curiosity, harness his energy, or quench his irrepressible yearning for new experiences. And so, when he left his bank job in 1994 to follow his dream, he came back to Barbara, its hometown, in the heart of the Marche Region. Here, he had learned to love the land, to know and respect its secrets, its rhythms, and its products; and, this was where he had grown up, surrounded by individuals who had transmitted their authentic values to him and whose smiles moved him deeply. So he set forth on his challenging and he had a very clear goal: to make wine that would appeal to wine lovers. When people ask him secret he tell them, « to make wine that first and foremost appeals to me, a wine-drinker’s wine. » People who know him can confirm that his wines really do begin this way. Many have called him « a visionary and eclectic wine-maker, continually striving for stylistic perfection. » While his travels have always been an inexhaustable source of inspiration for him, the land is what really tips the scale because, in the end, everything has to find the perfect balance in the place where the wine is produced.

You are more than welcome to join us and live
the Tasted 100% Blind concept at CD 339, DE 339 Vinexpo stand in Bordeaux.
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