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Argentina wines TASTED 100% Blind by Andreas Larsson

Argentina wines
TASTED 100% Blind by Andreas Larsson

Mendoza, Uco, Patagonia… so many regions famous for their beauty and for their wines.
With the end of February and La Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, the harvest starts. We all know the very high quality of the wines from Argentina that is why we can’t wait to discover what 2017 new vintage reserves to all the world wine lovers.

Andreas Larsson did taste in blind conditions more than 450 wines giving an average scoring of 88,46 out of 100. This is officially one the best average scores for a country with 5000 wines blindtasted in 2017.

The wineries of Argentina being very well represented in Prowein 2018, we want to offer you a list of 7 wines tasted in blind conditions and presented by Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World.

Monday 5
Bodega Don Rosendo – Select Malbec 2013
92 Points

Tuesday 6
Valentin Bianchi – Famiglia Bianchi 2015
Argentina – Mendoza
92 Points

Wednesday 7
Bodega Piedra Negra – L’Esprit de Chacayes 2016
Argentina – Uco Valley
94 Points

Thursday 8
Clos De Los Siete – 2014
Argentina – Mendoza
91 Points

Friday 9
Bodega Melipal – Malbec 2014
Argentina – Agrelo
92 Points

Saturday 10
Bodega Piccolo Banfi – Conclave Reserva 2015
Argentina -Mendoza
89 Points

Sunday 11
Viniterra – Single Vineyard 2015
Argentina – Agrelo
90 Points

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