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A Well-Balanced Wine

A Well-Balanced Wine

Arguably the one trait every winemaker is striving for is balance. In a well balanced wine there is not one trait over powering the other, or in other words the perfect harmony in a glass. When you think of the wine as a scale, the four points that need to be in balance are the acidity, sweetness, tannin, concentration of fruit and the alcohol. A wine of this caliber takes winemaking skills, quality grapes and normally some extra attention. Below you will find wines that Andreas found to be well-balanced, which is the ultimate compliment. Can you tell the difference in a well-balanced wine?


Villamanda – 2012
France – Languedoc/Roussillon – Coteaux du Languedoc - Red
93 Points
“Nice and lush mouthfeel of wine. High concentration with those dark fruity flavours. Again on the palate, you encounter those spicy, peppery notes. Really long finish. In terms of texture it has a high extract, but well polished.”

Château Le Bon Pasteur – 2010
France – Bordeaux – Pomerol – Red
93 Points
I think this is a fine combination of power and elegance. It is really leaving a good impression on the palate. It is keeps lingering, really long powerful and persistence. Yet it is well balanced with discreet oak, finely tuned tannins. Bloody good drinkability.

Ghislain Houben – Cuvée Hoenshof 2012
Belgium – Borgloon – Red
86 Points
“Palate is quite nice here, in this medium body; quite soft extraction with juicy red fruit, nice pepperiness on the palate followed by some more from the spice box like ginger, cardamom and some red citrus like blood orange that gives some zest, that gives a lift. I think this is well-balanced, it has a good level of drinkability now.”

Jean-Marc Brocard – Vau de Vey 2013 – Chablis 1er Cru
France – Burgundy – Chablis – 1er Cru – White
87 Points
“Light towards medium-bodied, but with a very good length, very good purity. Well balanced, already accessible, no hints of new oak, leaving the palate very clean and pure, waiting for more.

El Esteco – Don David Syrah Reserve 2013
Argentina – Cafayate Valley – Red
90 Points
Nicely balanced palate here. Rather medium weight but with good flavour intensity. Juicy dark fruit, with spicy and meaty notes. Tannins are rounded, present and contributing to a certain sensation of freshness. I also think the alcohol is pretty balanced and moderate.”

Galardi – Terra di Lavoro 2012
Italy – Campania – Roccamonfina – Red
89 Points
Quite full-bodied, with a good density of fruit; and I think this one is offering a good balance between the fruitiness; and it’s obviously a tannic style of grape variety so the tannins are still pronounced, but I think they’re just about to resolve right now. So I find the palate balanced, with this good concentration.

Valduero – 6 años Reserva Premium 2007 – Ribera del Duero
Spain – Castilla y Leon – Ribera del Duero – Reserva Premium – Red
92 Points
It is already quite rounded and polished in terms of texture. So lush and mouth filling. With a ripe fruit but not a lot of extract or tannin present. There is still a hint of roasted oak though and a hint of herb, with a slight hint of coffee and vanilla. Well balanced, pleasurable.”